How technology systems can help property pro’s succeed in today’s challenging market

With 2020 behind us, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to a new, more profitable year in the UK’s property market. Or can we? With the pandemic still a major focus with no real end in sight, and the effects of Brexit beginning to be felt throughout a wide range of industries, including the property market, 2021 could be just as challenging a year for estate agents and property professionals alike. 

Technology To The Rescue 

Fortunately, today’s technology is here to make our lives, and our businesses, more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable. During the pandemic lockdowns, many businesses were forced to change their daily operations, while others were forced to shut down completely. For those still open and operational, technology made running their businesses a reality as we saw the use of more virtual technology such as Zoom and other communication platforms. 

Virtual Communication Platforms 

These virtual communication platforms connected co-workers with co-workers, sales professionals with clients, business owners with their work from home teams as well as their vendors, manufacturers, and shipping partners. This still left a gap in their daily workflow, which became even more complicated in the absence of actual workers. Estate agents and property investors could effectively view or tour properties using virtual technology without ever having to leave their home or office. 

Business Automation Software 

This is where business automation software would step in to streamline many of the daily processes, acting as an entire team of employees while freeing up actual employees to focus on other, more important tasks. Business automation software can send emails, exclusive offers, and more to potential clients, generate and manage property leads, and automate a wide range of mundane tasks. 

Pivro offers today’s estate agents and property professionals an innovative automation software package which enables them to send mail to people that are on the market trying to sell their property. By engaging with potential property sellers before the competition can, estate agents and property professionals can increase their business and reach their sales goals sooner. 

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