How to find the full address for a real estate property

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There are many reasons why you might be looking for a UK address, house name or postcode - whether in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. There are a variety of UK address finder tools that can help quickly locate UK addresses and a range of other property information.

Knowing which tools to use and what data they can provide helps unlock a variety of other benefits.

For example, some address finder tools can provide information about a property's restrictive covenants, tree preservation orders, or risk of subsidence.

If you're an estate agent, mortgage lender, or property investor you often need to find data and addresses for multiple properties at the same time.

Below we look at some of the tools that you can use to find a single address or multiple addresses in the UK. These tools can also help you find a postcode for an address and a range of other important property data.

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Reasons why you may want to source the full address of a property

There are a variety of reasons why someone may want to find the full address of a property.

Here are some examples:

You’re an estate agent and you want to send out marketing material

If you're an estate agent, you may want to find the full address of a single property or addresses for multiple properties, so that you can send out marketing material directly to sellers.

Many estate agents have marketing strategies that involve sending letters to addresses of properties that have been listed on the market but haven't sold in several months.

Estate agents also choose to send targeted letters to properties that haven't been on the market, but are in areas where several neighbouring or nearby properties have sold. This can help to incentivise people to use those agents if they've been thinking of selling their homes.

You’re an investor and you want to identify potential investments

Investors and developers are often keen to identify new potential investments to add to their portfolios. That includes finding the best buy-to-let area.

This can be time-consuming work and it's best to have an efficient process for sourcing the best deals and return on investment (ROI) opportunities.

You want to find where someone lives

Another obvious reason for sourcing the full address of a property in the UK, is to find where someone lives.

This may be because you want to track down a relative or friend who you've lost contact with. Or perhaps someone moved to a new address and you want to send them a surprise housewarming gift.

You want to find out who owns a property in the UK

There are many reasons why you may want to find out who owns a property.

For example, you may live next-door to a house that has created a nuisance and you want to notify the owner. Or you may want to discuss a potential offer to purchase a particular property.

Or you may be interested in finding out about the previous owners of a property you're keen to purchase (particularly if there have been many quick successions in ownership which could raise red flags).

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How to find a UK address: Postcode finder and property data sourcing tools

Many people searching for a property's full address in the United Kingdom (UK), struggle with figuring out where to start and which tools to use.

While there are some free tools to find a postcode or an individual address, there are also some powerful AI-powered technologies that can provide access to an integrated range of property data. These platforms can help provide users with a range of useful services and property data insights.

Below we look at the range of address finder tools that are available:

Tools to find individual UK postcodes

If you have an address for a property, but you need to find the correct postal code, there are some quick postcode finder tools that you can use.

These include:

Tools to find individual properties for sale or rent in a particular area (and their addresses)

If you're looking for UK properties for sale or to rent in a particular area, this information is typically available on the following sites:

Most online property marketplaces allow you to search for properties by postcode, or the name of an area (e.g. London) to find individual properties for sale or for rent. However, these sites don’t provide the full addresses of properties.

You also won't find detailed property data about easements, restrictive covenants, zonings etc. using these tools.

If you’re looking for the full address for single or multiple properties, as well as a range of other property related information - then Pivro is a suitable solution.

Property data and flooding risks

Tools to search for aggregated property data (which also provide real-time property analysis data)

One of the primary benefits of using an aggregated property data platform like Pivro is that you can quickly and easily access a range of data sets related to any property in the UK - all in one place.

This type of data is particularly relevant for investors, developers, real estate agents, letting agencies, deal sourcers and conveyancing solicitors.

Here are some of Pivro's features which can help you find an address (and other related data):

Land ownership data

You can process property ownership lookups for any address in the UK at the touch of a button.

Planning history data

You can search for planning history for a particular property in the UK to see what planning consents have been granted or applied for.

Powerful property market analytics

Find out the addresses of properties that are on the market, have been on the market for a specified time and set your custom filters to reveal the insights that matter most to you.

Technical property data and reports

You can also access a range of data relevant to a particular property. That includes information about survey and environmental data like subsidence risks, land contamination, water drainage, tree preservation orders and more. Or you can find general county information or area-specific data.

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Tools that provide land registry data

Another useful tool to find out who owns a property is the HM Land Registry. You can get a property summary for free, or pay £3 for a title register or title plan respectively. You'll also need to search different registers for Scotland, Northern Ireland or if you want to access the data in Welsh (Cyrmaeg)

Getting a free property summary includes the address that's on record with the Royal Mail. You can also get useful information about any easements, restrictive covenants, and the type of ownership.

A title register can give you the name of the owner, the sale price, and whether there's a mortgage in place.

A title plan can give you information about land boundaries and the property's exact location.

To access the data, you'll have to create an account using an email address and password to login.

By using Pivro's aggregated property data technology, you can access all of this information and more - all in one place.

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How to find an address location?

If you have an address, and you want to find out exactly where that is on a map, there are many digital tools you can use. That means you no longer have to navigate physical maps.

You can use Google Maps (which can also provide driving directions), the HM Land Registry, or Pivro's property tech platform.

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There are many other types of property data that you may be interested in finding. This includes data about:

  • A property's zoning (or the zoning of areas near to a property you're interested in buying)
  • Property market trends in a particular area, so that you can figure out your possible return on investment (ROI)
  • Whether a particular property is currently for sale and on the market
  • How much a property sold for in the past and who the previous owners were
  • How long a property has been on the market (for example, an agent may be interested to find properties that have been on the market for longer than 60 days so that they can send them letters about remarking their homes)
  • Whether any neighbouring or nearby properties have recently been sold and what their sales prices were ‍

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Final thoughts on how to find an address in the UK

Gone are the days when finding technical property data required relentless sleuthing and manual lookups. That means you no longer need to worry about technical search tool terms like stroke width, stroke linecap, stroke miterlimit, clip path or display bfpo locations.

There are various easy-to-use tools that can help you find addresses in the UK. And if you're looking for comprehensive data about a particular property, or properties in a designated area, then you may want to consider using a powerful property data platform like Pivro.

Pivro's platform gives you access to real-time, AI-powered and aggregated property data. It can save you time and money on manually searching through a plethora of other tools, records and resources. And it can provide relevant property insights to help you make more informed choices and decisions.

Pivro's capabilities are extensive - including being able to send out mass mail shots of personalised and targeted letters to property owners, for less than a second class stamp.

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